A Year in the Yard
A Natural History of a Suburban Backyard

by M.A. Sheehan  
       A Year in the Yard is the story of one
untended yard and one unmotivated
homeowner, both of us becoming who we're
meant to be.  Part natural history, part
memoir, it offers lessons about backyard
wildlife habitats, climate change, the
rewards of laziness, and one person's
attempt to prove that life is good.
  M.A. Sheehan writes about nature in
her suburban neighborhood, less than a
mile from Washington, D.C. She's seen 57
species of birds in her backyard, which
she long ago stopped mowing and
raking. Her writing about her yard was
featured for a full year in the
Naturalist News
, the publication of the
Audubon Naturalist Society of the
Central Atlantic States.    
It would take a lifetime just to explore your own backyard.
                        - Tom Brown, Jr.
Copyright 2008 by M.A. Sheehan. All rights reserved.